Prepping Words and Phrases

If you’re new to prepping then theres a few words and terms you need to know fast in order to understand the Preppers Dictionary.

These words are almost universal in the world of preppers, so, when you’re surfing the net looking for more prepping information you’ll be ok.

There are probably a few more than I have listed and if you find any then please leave a comment and add them.


  • AWOL – Absent Without Leave – when a prepper has to Bug Out fast
  • Bug Out Bag – a bag, normally a rucksack, equipped with your essential supplies to escape and survive for a minimum of 72hrs
  • BOB – same as above
  • Grab and Go  Bag – same as above
  • 72 hr Bag – same as above
  • BOWB – Bug Out Webbed Belt – An additional piece of carry equipment added to the BOB
  • BOV – Bug Out Vehicle – The vehicle of your choice for any emergency survival situation that requires you to get out when SHTF
  • BOL – Bug Out Location – Whether it’s on foot with a BOB or by BOV your Bug Out Location is where you would head to – it’s regarded as you safe location
  • Dooms Day – The term used for final meltdown of society.
  • Dooms Day Prepper – Someone who is convinced of imminent pending danger of a certain kind and is prepping for a particular scenario
  • EDC – Every Day Carry – this is items that are with you each day in case of a survival emergency
  • EMP – Electromagnetic Pulse – One of the many Doomsday events that might cause TEOTWAWKI
  • ESP – Extended Stay Pack – survival equipment that allows more than a 72hr bug out bag
  • GOOD Bag – Get Out Of Dodge – same as a BOB
  • GHB – Get Home Bag – emergency survival kit bag to get you home when disaster strikes
  • Ham – Ham Radio – uses amateur radio bands which cover the earth – may well be the only way of communication for preppers
  • INCH – I’m Never Coming Home – example is an Inch Bag – designed for emergency evacuation.
  • KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid – A british army saying, meaning stick to basics and don’t over complicate your survival needs.
  • LTS – Long Term Survival – this term is self explanatory
  • MRE – Meal Ready to Eat – Dehydrated food sachets
  • OFF THE GRID – a term for a survivalist who is surviving without any reliance on ‘normal’ means. Someone who has opted out of society to fend for themselves.
  • SIS or SIP – Shelter in Situ / Shelter in Place – when bugging out is not possible and you need to stay put
  • SFWF – Shelter, Fire, Water, Food – survivalist main priority order
  • SHTF – Shit Hits The Fan – when the emergency situation becomes out of control and law breaks down
  • SURVIVALIST – a committed prepper who tries to ensure every aspect of their survival to prepared for.
  • SWOT ANALYSIS – comes from Special Weapons and Tactics [unit] – where a prepper will re-enact a disaster scenario to ensure they are prepared for it.
  • TEOTWAWKI – The End Of The World As We Know It – the next step up from SHTF
  • WROL – Without Rule Of Law – meaning the point where where law and order has completely broken down

Are you prepared?